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Exciting tours of the beautiful country of Lebanon on the shores of the Mediterranean

After a while, it was agreed to go to a Lebanese restaurant in Islamabad “Al-Lebanon”. What could be the alarm that the disease could not be evaluated, the problem was resolved by going to Lebanon?

The Cedar

A cedar or giant tree on which Lebanon is nestled on its flag such as the maple on the Canadian flag

Maple Leaf

It is known that the evergreen tree and its low-lying branches show up in the spring, with green stripes on the red stripes on both sides. The Lebanese demonstration was the flag of the flag on all sides. And the demonstrations were fantastic, about a month before our departure. These youth demonstrations were similar to some of Imran Khan’s sit-ins. Young boys and girls, music and dance were on the brink of a festival. The demonstrations were launched by government, influential civil servants and other Lebanese officials on bad titles, private planes, luxury palaces, ships or luxury launches, overseas. Assets were against unemployment, economic mismanagement, religious discrimination, Syrian refugees and bribery. They demand that the government resign and new people come out with a transparent election. Prime Minister Saad Hariri had announced his resignation but he was not satisfied that some people spoke about the situation.

Incredible Lebanon, Spend an Ideal Summer Escapade

The students were especially in favor of change but were not satisfied with their resignation. While many others were against this anxiety. According to him, peace and tranquility was established in Lebanon, which is destroying the anxiety. This revolutionary campaign is called “Surah” which means revolution. All these demonstrations were carried out in a very peaceful way. Candles were lit in front of pictures of a few martyrs at Independence Square, while a man was sitting in front of his face for a jealous face while some were standing around asking in broken Arabic and English whether it was a police or military operation. Not that, on the very first day of this revolutionary movement, a man killed two people, one of whom was his son. The killer is detained, happy to know our Pakistani identity and told that he knows Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Binat Bhutto (his daughter-in-law) very well. Shortly afterwards the dancing band from the other side came on and stood around them and met in Arabic and started singing revolutionary songs. Arabic is the native language, the second language is French, because Lebanon was French before independence, English is the third language spoken here but most are not. These protests are still ongoing, but they have intensified. Women are protesting against the excesses on their own and are seeking different political solutions.

Best Places to visit in Lebanon

During our visit these demonstrations did not show any significant hurdles, the program should have slightly changed. These demonstrations have had a significant impact on the tourism.

Lebanon is a small 8 square kilometer area in the Middle East with an estimated population of six million (less than the population of any small city in Pakistan), with some 100,000 Syrians. These Syrian refugees appear to be indifferent to Lebanese, wanting that they should return to Syria once the situation has improved. A cheerleader standing beside me questioned it so I could see their helplessness, as well as countless children and women begging. Most children were selling bottles of water for one thousand Lebanese as well as water was needed and begging me to buy some. Most regrettably, it is strange that I did not have this kind of experience in Jordan last year. It has been reported that there are about 1 million, one million two million Lebanese settled in other countries, most of them in Brazil. They visit their home country on different occasions and cause the economy to grow here.

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