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Social media optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization

What is social media optimization?

Let’s talk about it

Promoting your business on social media at no cost (org) is called social media optimization.

That is, if you are growing your business on social media or social networking sites without giving anything away (and genetically), then you are actually doing social media optimization. With social media optimization you can reach your “ideal user” and you will say what an “ideal user” is. Suppose we do an event that is specific to the “Search Engine Optimization” students, then these students will be our “Ideal Users”.

Search Engine is a great way to grow and reach “Ideal User” because social networking websites are home-to-home and kids-to-people are using them and people from all walks of life are using these sites. And if we’re expanding our business on this, it will be called search engine optimization. And this is a huge “tool” to enhance every local business in particular.

Here I would like to share some information about Google’s Jesuit. Jesuit is a very trusted business tool made by Google. Which is used for business. The Jesuit utility is growing rapidly today.

  Why is Google important for a Jesuit business?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

When a user searches for a product, Google places its Jesuit consumer products in the search engine list. That is, we list Google search engine rankings. So that more users can reach Jesuit consumer products through search engines.

  • Google Local Guide:

Google is a great advertisement. Google also promotes its Jesuit user product through its Google Local Guide.

  • Google is a great advertiser:

Google’s use of Google directly provides many features of Google that are free. Those free features are also introduced by auto-pilot. Because of these features, your product’s ranking starts to increase.

  Social Media:

Using Jesuit, all social media traffic for your business product begins to flow.

At this time, Google is also a great advertiser. Google has plenty of social media too. Google has created “business tools” in this way by linking all its social media. For this business tool (Jesuit), Google offers some of its most popular tools, namely, Jesuit, for a small charge to its users. Through which good traffic begins to flow from all social media to the product.

If you would like to sign up for Go Suite, below is the link and promo code because using this promo code will give you 20% off for 1 year.

Facebook’s policy allows for the posting of political speeches and advertisements, compared to Facebook, according to French news agency AFP. Facebook does not test the contents of any content before posting it, which poses a risk of promoting false and contrary news.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the company’s policy that everyone should have the right to vote, and that banning political advertising would benefit government officials. Making political advertising is not an important source of profitability for a company. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg disagreed, saying he saw many social movements spreading to the public and publicity for which advertising was not resorted to.

Facebook said the company’s move would have little impact on revenue. Facebook’s chief financial officer explained that the decision was not based on profit, but on principles.

The Democratic Party, the American political party, also pressured Facebook to remove political advertising from its website. Wilson Center Fellow Nina Jenko Winks welcomed Facebook’s decision, saying that Facebook did not restrict its policy to the United States but did well. He said that these ads suppress the voice of political candidates who are not financially responsible for publishing ads. Senior analyst Jasmine Annberg said it would be premature to speculate about the implications of Facebook policy, as Facebook is used to discuss political topics through which misinformation can reach people.

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