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How to Increase Website Ranking

Creating a website is very easy, but getting it to its destination is risky. People think that just created a website. Now write racket writing. The website will become famous automatically, but there are still more of Mr. Love. Today we will tell you what to look for after creating a website or blog.

You need to be familiar with SEO, search engine optimization, to increase website ranking. Search engine optimization, which is where your website is located in all the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. If you run a website with SEO in mind, search engines will value your site and when people do some search, your website will appear at the top of the search result. There are two types of SEO: one on-page and the other off-page SEO.

On-page SEO means setting up a website within your website that enhances website ranking, and off-page refers to sharing your website link in various forms and searching for keywords.

On-page SEO

The most important thing after creating a website or blog is the template, the website theme. First select a theme that is a search engine friendly and responsive theme. Response themes are ones that fit on both computer and mobile. With this the theme does not load much, it will open the website faster. Theme must have a sidebar. The theme should be simple and not too colorful. Remove unnecessary widgets from the theme. Then check out Page Speed ​​with Google Page Speed ​​Insight.

SEO plugin

After selecting the theme, install some essential plugins that are very important to the SEO of the website. Install a plugin called Yoast SEO for Word Press. Which is the best add your website to Google Search Engine by going to Plugin Settings. If you do not use Word Press, add your website to Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console. After installing the Just SEO plugin, when you write an article it will tell you why you made a mistake on the spot. Before writing a post, be sure to check how much is written on the topic and what words people search on Google. Also refrain from copy paste, If a quote has been copied from anywhere, please refer to it as the link. When writing a post, first write the headings. That is, if you are writing a post, copying and publishing it on the website, highlight the line above and click on the heading in the Word Press editor as shown in the picture.

Put the subheading under the heading, i.e. the essence of the post in a few words. Then write a paragraph, each paragraph should be no more than one hundred words and most importantly no article less than 300 words. If you want to write a unique Meta description of the post underneath the post, then Google will consider the first paragraph of the post as descriptive. Then write a couple of words in the Word of Focus, the subject on which you wrote this post, in which words the search engine can focus and display your article. Then place the post in the desired category and add a few tags. Tag refers to the article you have written in the article so that the search engine can display the post accordingly. Then post the cover photo on the featured Amich post. When you see the Just SEO green light, it means you have written an article by SEO standards.

In addition, convert your articles into AMPs. Google AMP makes websites open faster on mobile phones and Google AMP is increasing its website ranking.

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