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What Are The Most Important Strategy Of SEO?

Because of the inconsistencies and disagreements arising from political and religious discussions on SEO, especially on Facebook, where new weird people send you friendship requests, many people exclude you from their friends list, or less. At least follow up.

You know when you leave with your precious friends, when you miss them and then go to their profile to see why you don’t see the friend’s post. Then you know that you have been kicked out of the list of friends and now what has happened to the field. But now a very simple solution to this problem is available in the form of an app called ‘Who Deleted Me’.

This extension, called “Yes deleted” available for Google Chrome and Firefox, monitors your friends list and compares your friends’ saved list and current listings when you log in to Facebook. If any of these two lists appear to be lacking, this escalation notifies you that Fulani is no longer your friend.

Main Elements of SEO

However, this program does not give you reasons why ex-friends do not want to associate more with you. You have to do it yourself, which may not be too difficult. Take a look at your previous posts and see where and when you posted your intentions against or in love. Because often, supportive and opposing posts only cause friends to get closer or away.

One thing to be aware of here is that allowing any app other than Facebook to access your Facebook can be dangerous. Facebook says that such apps can use your personal information for personal gain and therefore use caution when using them. Two years ago, in 2015, an app called “Ho Diluted Me” has also been discontinued on a Facebook request but is now available for download.

Privacy Protection

Every website is focused on collecting information from its users. Whether you want to do business on the SEO or just use it for fun and time-consuming, your personal information is being collected from all sides and is being used for both business and non-business purposes. And that’s the concern for Bernard Lee.

They say many of our privacy agencies are using unauthorized access, which poses serious risks to the privacy of each individual. As a result, SEO users can face financial and fatal consequences, especially in countries where competition between governments and corporate entities is strong or where the rule of law is not present.

Analytics and Reporting

The founders of the web say that modern advertising methods have posed serious dangers to democracy as well. Burner Lee points out that during many political campaigns in the United States and around the world, people have been misled by the SEO, which is reducing the interest of the general public in elections. They want it to be managed and social networking websites provide users with a small amount of money, rather than advertising.


Many times you do not have a great day at the office. There may be several reasons for this, including lack of sleep, feeling overwhelmed, workload or something else. Then when it is not possible to get rid of this condition, people go online and start scolding their heart, which includes verifying or criticizing their office information. A good professional should refrain from doing so as it describes your negative thinking and ungrateful habits.

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