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What are the basic skills you needed to be good at SEO?

As you all know, running a business requires expertise in many things, but we can see many people around us who have done SEO marketing without any business education and succeed.

Because of the experience of the business since its inception, over time it has become a skill to deal in business related matters. Business is a continuous learning process and only those who succeed in learning about the experience and the time and circumstances. Make decisions as needed.

Online business is a different matter. In the beginning it is inevitable to learn a few things. There are some tasks that will have to do with the day before, even if there is an online business, there are some that can be different for everyone depending on the nature of the business. Here I will try to write down all the things. It is important to know the beginnings of an online business.

 Language Skills

To do business online in Pakistan, you must have at least moderate level skills in both Urdu and English. If you have no prior experience working online, you will immediately understand why. So the answer is:


As a business, you have to deal with different people all the time. Not just the customer, you need to communicate with suppliers, courier services, bankers and many other people. If your pronunciation, payment is not correct then your impression will not be correct. Some people also make many mistakes in writing Urdu in Roman, which creates a bad impression.


Even if you do some work in communication, in marketing you will have to come up with both languages. While doing business you will need to read, create, or understand many documents online, as well as print materials, which are not relevant to a typical shopkeeper. For example, Facebook often changes its ad policy. So you have to study how the ad works now and so on.

Sales Skills

To sell anything, you have to be a sales person. Whenever you go to market shopping, notice how the sales person works. First of all, it shows you what you need. It then describes the qualities of these things that belong to Japan and that of China. It is durable and has such a guarantee, etc. At the same time, he keeps his tone so that you can be convincingly shopping. So the more you have this skill, the better the result will be.

Technical skill

From creating a Facebook page to creating an ad, from registering a website to hosting and building a website, to building a parcel delivery plan and accounting method, online business is a good test of your technical skills. The purpose of this is not to scare you but to introduce you to online business matters. Just start with the basics and move on with hard work.

Marketing Skills

If you start a home-based business, obviously you are starting off with less money. In this case, instead of spending money on everything else, try to do more yourself. Marketing is the key to online business. Attracting new customers, collecting social media work, keeping them focused, introducing your product or service, developing a promotion plan, all of which are in marketing skills. In the beginning Facebook advertising is a great option for many of these purposes, which you can learn by doing a little study. There is a lot of help material available on Facebook.

Accounting Skills

At first you may not consider this important, but as your business progresses you will realize that it is the most important. All the decisions like how much capital you have to start with, how to determine product pricing, how much to spend on marketing, how much to earn, etc. are all made easier with accounting skills. If you want to help your business grow If you want to get in the way, you need to know how much the cost and price of the product can be that your business expenses are met and even profitable. Apart from this, stock management in retail business is also a technical task which is made easier by accounting.

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