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How Much Do SEO Freelancer make their own Brand

If you want to make your career working as a freelancer and want to make money from home via the internet, there are some things to know before starting this job.

1- First of all, if you want to start a freelancing career, you must have skills that can be anything like graphics designing, web development, android development, SEO, data entry, Social media marketing, video editing, anything is a must have, because if you want to build your career in freelancing, having a degree is essential.

How to work.

Do not jump into such a blazing fire when you see others, because the person you are jumping to see if they are making money from this job can be a specialist in this field.

2- Now if you have Skills and you want to cash them in, then let’s do Cash Your Skills First of all you have to do your own branding. How do you identify yourself on social media? Join different groups related to your skills, post your skills there, solve people’s problems Share your work with people Learn people.

Get a Client from Social Media

3- Get a Client from Social Media Before you go to the International Freelancing Platform and do their work Once you have worked with some clients, you will get an idea of ​​what people in the market like and What Clients Demand One of the benefits of working with local clients is that you have a “portfolio” ready to go. This means you can easily get your work done with other clients by taking the new project.

That’s why it’s important for you to have a “portfolio” to help you set foot in a freelancing career.

4- Strengthen your social media profiles!

That is, make sure your profiles on all social media and avoid spam posts there. ۔ ۔ Keep your profile professional, i.e. post related to your work. Make sure you have LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel

For example you are SEO Expert. So I would tell you that you must create a YouTube channel and share SEO tips and videos in each video and say that if anyone wants to rank their site we provide SEO services.

Likewise if you are a web developer, teach people how to create different types of websites on YouTube and in each video speak to anyone who wants to create a site like this. Believe it, you will get numerous clients because the visitor says that the guy can teach this guy by creating a website.

The international freelancing platform

5- Now we come to the international freelancing platform. Online you should not just sit at the bottom of the foyer on any of the freelancing platforms you have to create your own profiles and on all of these you have to list your services uni.

And all those accounts have to be logged in daily and checked, Share all your gigs on your social media accounts. Because it will click through to your gigs and drive traffic, maybe someone will like your service and you.

Let’s talk about the name of your Facebook page. When you set up your page, you need to name it. Here I have a useful tip for you and don’t worry too much about it. I suggest you use your business name for your page. For example

If the store or website on your ground address is named Super Store, name your page as Super Store. If you are a doctor, you can give your clinic or hospital the name of your page or use the name that your patient remembers when you go to a clinic or hospital for your practice.

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