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What is the SEO process or how do SEO work.

When someone posts for SEO for the web, the number of SEO exporters starts with a number of them who have heard the name only, a number of them People whose first question is how much is your budget and a number are those whose claim is high and the fee is even higher.

People who want SEO but don’t really find any expert and consultant. And even if one is available, he asks for a fee so that he quits before he can do it. After all, how to find a sincere express that small entrepreneurs can work with?

What is the SEO Strategy?

The first thing we will talk about is SEO “Strategy”, what is your “Strategy”, what are your goals regarding your specific website? As suppose you want your website to rank at the top of certain keywords in search engines in Pakistan, we will set up a plan that will allow us or our client’s website to target targeted keywords.

Website Analyze

Once a plan or strategy has been developed, we then have to analyze the website from the perspective of an SEO expert. When we are analyzing our website, one more thing we need to do is to analyze the competing websites that are on top. They have to find the flaws and fix the faults of our website so that we can bring up our site in search engines by dropping all those sites that are above us. For this we will remove the site structure, site design weaknesses, see that no plug-ins are being used in our website which is slowing down the opening of the website, meta tags. , And see the content of the world where they are deficient, and so on.

Submitting to directories

After we have removed all the vulnerabilities of our website in our view, then it is time to submit the website to different directories. There was a time in our childhood we saw advertisements for various products on city walls, newspapers and pickup magazines, etc. The advent of computers, the invention of the Internet, the reach of the general consumer and the availability of smartphones and internet at extremely affordable prices in the present time have sparked a revolution in the world of advertising and marketing.

Link Building

After that comes the link building, it can be said in simple words we want to create a “backlink”. You say, what is this backlink? ۔ So in simple words, if the link to our website exists on another website, we will call it a backlink.

One more thing to keep in mind is, suppose if we change our strategy and say that our web site ranks in search engine on another “keyword” then we have to process the same strategy. That will allow us to rank our other keywords in search engines as well.

How do You Use SEO

Marketing and marketing are considered important business details, and in terms of economic terms, the current period is called monopolistic competition, every trading company is selling its products and services to marketing, advertising, publicity and marketing. Keeps exploring ways.

Today, marketing of goods through social media, especially Facebook and WhatsApp, online marketing platforms, through specific websites, has become much simpler and the scope of consumerism has expanded. From big cities to small villages, villages, the availability of goods has become easier and cheaper. In such an era, if a career is very important for computer and technology information and for those interested, it is digital marketing.

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