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How Do You Measure SEO

Instead of bashing the technology and saying good-bye, instead of shutting it down, discuss its positive use, these obstacles to discourage negative use, focus on filters and audits.

In every good organization, the SEO department and IT sign the agreement on the “Internet Policy” of the company. A website which has nothing to do with the organization’s work such as Facebook, YouTube, Hotmail etc. Are blocked – On a daily basis, report management goes to the person who is on the internet all the time … playing the game that keeps chatting the company knows which person gets Hotmail 50 times a day.

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Answering personal e-mails or running your own Facebook store in the office ?, they ignore themselves and talk but HR manager whenever He can call the security guard after the software and his signed contract show him and ask him to leave, and when someone is fired in the industry, HR has other “good reasons”. There areā€¦ for management’s “help” … now people go to their homes and tell them what their achievements were in front of the households. It is said that the company has taken off.

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Be careful, in fact it is also a betrayal that you are being paid 8 hours to work. Raise the flag at the political party’s Facebook page at your own expense. Lunch time is your own. Complete your personal hobby at your expense on your mobile. By being dishonest when you’re shouting at SEO groups and Facebook during office hours of the day, your impression of the political party and the name of your organization are similar.

The only exception is for employees of the media to use their organization’s ID according to job descriptions, anonymously only to work for the party or the organization. At home, spend the night at your own expense.

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Confusion, conflict and resentment are essential to working as a group – it can be a conflict between two people or the whole team may be angry with each other and sometimes between the supervisor and the team. That may be the case, it happens and will continue to happen all over the world. We just need to know how to deal with it.

The organization cannot move forward after a break in the team relationship, leaving everything behind and fixing it.

The majority of experts have laid down the principles that any organization or individual can deal with in the face of everyday ups and downs –

Accept that there really is a conflict

Even if you pretend that nothing happened … something happened, any resentment unless you acknowledge it will only keep you and the company sick … The sooner you manage, the better the organization and your benefit … It has to be taken care of and proceed with fixing it.

Talk to each other

Sit down with a time and place – a place where you can sit for as long as you want and no one else comes to intervene – when thinking of meeting, keep in mind that the opposition party has every right to be heard. , Don’t think you will control this seat or just tell your stand, otherwise there is no use –

Remember that this opportunity to meet is not to attack the other party or to justify yourself; it is your chance to find a solution to the problem that both can agree on.

Listen carefully to others

In order to resolve the dispute, you must listen to the opposition carefully, not interfere.

Make sure the person reaches the full message of what he or she wants to say – by confirming his or her words and their sentences, that is what you mean.

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