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How Does YouTube SEO work

If you don’t have a job, don’t worry, you can make good money on YouTube SEO. Think of a job where you can make and save more money from a bank manager, through which you can buy property in a hidden area of ​​the city, all of which may be true.

After the deterioration of the economy, jobs in financial institutions, including media houses, private companies and private companies are diminishing and economic growth is poor, but despite all this, there are opportunities where you can earn a good amount of money, yes, we are talking about making money through YouTube SEO.

Successful and famous You Tubers in World are earning around $ 25,000 a month, which at today’s currency rate is about 4,000. Most of them have bought vehicles and properties worth a fortune, and all of this is made possible through the earnings made through the YouTube SEO channels, though this has not been possible overnight, some took 3 years and some several years. Money has done a little research on how to make money through YouTube.

How to get started?

To start working on YouTube you will need some basic equipment that includes smartphone, mic, hands-free and tripod. A YouTube channel becomes free, log you in with your Gmail account and create a commercial channel. When you’re done, you can create content for your YouTube channel and upload to users.

When will your income start?

Earnings on YouTube begin when your channel’s subscribers number one thousand and your videos have been viewed over 4000 hours, and when you cross that milestone you will be prompted for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). To apply so your channel is monetized (eligible for monetization). If you do not violate any of YouTube’s Community Guidelines, your application is approved and you will receive a verification code (Verification Code) within 2 weeks. After you approve and verify the channel, the dollars begin to accrue on your account.

How to grow your channel?

The key to growing your channel after approval of monetization is the increase in subscribers and viewership, this step requires your patience and persistence; first contact your personal social circle, your friends, relationships. Ask stakeholders, class fellows, and other colleagues to subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends. This will play an important role in promoting your channel.

For this you can also use other social networking websites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, reshare your YouTube videos on these sites. Build relationships with your audience, answer their questions, this process will build a strong audience for your channel.

How much can you earn?

Depending on your audience, YouTube pays you on a CPM (click- through) basis, priced at a thousand clicks or views. CPM prices vary along the regions, CPM costs $ 7 for Australia, $ 4 for the US and $ 0.02 for World.

This means that you have to know your audience to earn from YouTube, 5 million views from World give you 10 thousand rupees, certainly not hard work, but imagine if one percent of it If the highest CPM rate of 5000 views is from Australia then you can earn up to 35 thousand rupees from the same video. If you want to make more money, keep an international audience (Australia, America, Europe and the Middle East) in mind, as a major target you can focus on World is and Indians living abroad.

Content is key to channel growth

Something has to be lost to find that all the successful YouTube users have worked hard to earn a spot. YouTube is a global and highly competitive field, your content (text and video) is the key to your success, always creating quality and unique content. World’s YouTube channel “Village Food Secret” is a perfect example of success through unique content, Village Food Secret showing the special culture of Punjab has so far received 1 million subscriptions.

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