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Negative SEO; Myth, Realities and Precautions

SEO has introduced a law called the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill 2015, under which online harassment is recognized as a crime, and under the allotment of women, sexual harassment of their pictures online. Original or edited) may be sentenced to one year imprisonment or a fine of up to one million rupees or both sentences, without the permission of the publisher. So far, many people have been arrested and sentenced.

Harassment Precautions

  • Always protect your smartphones and computers and all your passwords from difficult passwords and make sure your device is on the auto-lock option.
  • Always install updated security software on your laptop and other devices.
  • Install mobile applications and computer software only from trusted websites and official sources.
  • Review the permissions and permissions of installed apps and software and provide only those permissions that are required.
  • Always install system updates quickly.
  • Be careful of links or spam messages, do not click unnecessary or suspicious links.
  • Turn off home Wi-Fi devices after use.
  • Do not share personal information and sensitive data over public Wi-Fi.
  • Don’t enter your password into unnecessary or suspicious login.
  • Use different passwords for different websites and accounts.
  • Do not use your name, phone number or similar passwords for electronic devices (computers, phones and Wi-Fi), change passwords periodically, password numbers and lowercase letters. Make complex combinations of and do not share with anyone or change later.
  • Turn on security code login or mobile verification option for Facebook and other social media websites.
  • Only allow specific individuals access to observe your online activity on social media, be careful not to contact unknown people, review Facebook privacy closely.
  • Block your profile from the search engine, review the information you have available online from a search engine like DuckDuckGo, and delete the unnecessary information. Prevent regular data updates (such as location services, etc.) on Google and other websites.
  • Limit your online activity and at least make personal information public.
  • Do not enter personal information in order to get free services, always use a trusted browser and stay away from suspicious websites.
  • Use or share your personal photos carefully. Only share pictures with trusted people that are difficult to misuse or edit.
  • Choose your friends wisely and work with them carefully to exchange information and data. Remove suspicious and ignorant friends from the list.
  • Avoid fake and suspicious IDs, never save your private photos online.
  • Keep the device block option on so personal data can be lost if lost.
  • See someone you know (or even friends) who wants or wants access to the privacy of others, and if you know this, discourage, explain, report or close it.

What to do in case of a harassment victim?

  • Keep your senses in such a situation and never be blackmail or pressured.
  • Remember that you have made a mistake by sharing your data but the harasser is committing a crime, so alert him and save all the chat as evidence.
  • Let your parents, siblings or siblings know the real situation for yourself so that the harasser cannot use your fears against you (you may be mistaken no longer hide and distort them). Usually in such a situation people hide out of fear of defamation, which leads to more harm and in some cases they get caught up in more and more serious problems because of their fear of being demanded illegally.
  • Parents or siblings, etc. should assist the affected person in such situation and immediately initiate legal proceedings. Doing so will frustrate the harasser himself as he / she will be saved in the course of effective technology in modern technology. It’s impossible to get out. Remember, at such an event your hard-hitting or emotional reaction to the person affected will cause remorse later so do not take any wrong step in your self-controlled so-called defamation or anger.

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