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The Ultimate Guide of SEO for E-commerce Websites

Online shopping is a type of e-commerce in which the consumer can buy anything he likes while at home, since the convenience of the human being has occurred, so the SEO for E-commerce of ​​online shopping has become very popular. Michael Aldrich (1979) was the intelligent mind who first introduced the idea of ​​tele-shopping and not only the idea but also the whole system, the present online shopping stands on its basis.

As every business has its own rules and regulations that determine the success or failure of the business, online shopping is one of the few largest businesses in the world today. In the rest of the world, SEO are enough laws and the future is bright, according to a survey that out of every three Americans has been a buyer of an online store, according to another survey, 72 out of every 100 young people buy First search it on the Internet and visit online stores. Alibaba, Amazon and eBay are among the world’s most successful e-commerce websites and millions of people shop here every year. Every year, that number is increasing by about 11 percent.

With Facebook becoming the norm, online shopping has taken a new turn. With Facebook, you can promote your page or site, which shows up on people’s timeline. There is a whole science behind it that Facebook shows you only what you love and want to buy in real life, in the language of technology called ‘filter bubble’. Now most people now click on a thumbnail on Facebook instead of opening a web site, and get to the site. This is why thumbnails are made such that the reader is forced to click on them with curiosity or passion. In the world of the Internet this thing is not considered good and is called click bait, i.e. bait which is inserted to get the click. E-commerce or online businesses also use this technique and the consumer does not even know.

  1. Research

Research whether the item you are about to buy is available in the general market. Search this product’s name from Google to find out if it’s worth it and whether it is readily available everywhere and if you can work around a big super store with a little effort. You will find that the same thing will get you lower prices and more options. Especially if you have to take kitchen or electronic items.

  1. Purchase of large company items

If you want to buy something from a reputable company, visit the company’s website directly, now almost all major companies are facilitating the purchase and delivery of their products. If not, then at least on their website you will definitely know their reputable and trusted dealers try to buy from them.

  1. Facebook page

This is where the real work begins, first review the patch you see on the ad, the reviews and the comments of the people there (though those things can be adjusted) then it See if there is a website connected to this patch or just a patch is working? Third, is there a shop? (This is usually a message the admin has to ask) If so, that’s great.

Always insist on the original image as most pages download and download photos from Google. All of these images are regularly made with specific light and angles and attract the viewer’s attention, so from a mobile picture you can guess how that really is.

Fraudulent and poor quality product pages usually block the user who comes to the post and comments, so comment on this ad and ask if the person who took the item has their own experience. Share or message anyone in there and ask, if you are female then message with brother or spouse ID, you are wise yourself.

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